“I think it must be her musical training that crosses over into counseling, for she has the ability to discern and articulate the most subtle variations in human emotion and experience. She is able to take these insights and translate them into poetry, song and rhythm. These talents would be enough to call her a master of her craft. However, to find yourself laughing and crying at the same time is to transcend the extraordinary into magic. Engaging as the consummate performer she is, Rebecca uses multiple methodologies in her workshops to accommodate learning styles and interests, She can verbalize core ideas and subtle variations using dialogue, song, poetry and silence. It’s amazing to experience.”

– Scott Taylor, Ed.D., South Central College, Fairbault
“Rebecca brings the same skills to her seminars that she brought to bear in educating and inspiring students and directing outstanding choral performances. She is an inspiring, charismatic speaker. She is also authentic, connecting with audiences through sharing her own experiences and the obstacles she has encountered and overcome, even performing some of the music born out of those struggles. Rebecca brings to her presentations the same standards of excellence, quality, and charisma that have been her hallmark throughout years of interacting with audiences large and small as a musician, teacher, and counselor. I would highly recommend Rebecca Aadland as a speaker for any group interested in her message and expertise.”

– Jacqueline Arnold, English Professor, Minnesota State University, Mankato
“Thank you, Rebecca for taking the time to be our speaker. Everyone agreed you were the best!! (It only took me 11 years to find you!)

– Ruth M. Nielsen, President, Kraft Foods Retiree’s Club
“Rebecca is a multi-talented individual who delivers training that is unique and powerful. Her workshops creatively combine therapeutic learning with sassy humor and original music. I attended  her workshop, “After the Breakup: Who Can I Save Next?” and I discovered she leads participants in a learning experience that moves through the full emotional spectrum of co-dependency – from helplessness to anger, grief to relief, and loneliness to new self-reliance. Practical therapeutic tools compliment the affective element, along with inspiring references and materials drawn from Rebecca’s expansive knowledge and passion for literature, art, and song. Rebecca’s personal journey mirrors what she wants for her clients: to discover one’s passion and take bold steps to live abundantly. Her ability to candidly share her own experiences of personal growth contribute greatly to the value of her presentations. She walks her talk, and isn’t afraid to sing and dance along the way. In her workshops you’ll be informed, enlivened and engaged.”

– Christine Frances, MS, LAMFT
On behalf of Sioux Trails Mental Health Center, I would like to thank you for your excellent presentation, ‘Unshackle Your Thinking’ delivered at our annual meeting. The large group of employees and Board Members attending the presentation were extremely pleased and offered very favorable comments. Your presentation was engaging and entertaining, and fully commanded the attention of our group. We appreciated your mix of content — spoken, written, and sung!

– Judith Nelson, MBA, Business Manager, Sioux Trails Mental Health Center
“What an important message Rebecca has to share! During your workshop I was thrilled (actually somewhat overwhelmed) with how powerful the combination of words, pictures, and music were… I cannot wait to sing her praises to other groups so that they, too, can experience her presentation.”

– Joyce A. Gallery, 3 Counties for Kids, New Ulm, MN
“What a wonderful presentation. It is so encouraging to see women mentoring and advocating for girls. Rebecca’s words were so wise… We look forward to having her speak again at a future conference!”

– Tammi Samuelson, Director, Leo Hoffman Center
“I find Ms. Aadland to be inspirational, insightful and positive with a great sense of humor. Many people commented to me that it was the best meeting we have ever had and that there would be no way any other county could host a better meeting than that one.”

– Beth Burrows, MA, LMFT, Brown County Family Services
“As a seasoned therapist of some 45 years, I believe your workshop was by far the best program of the Fall Conference.  You enriched your content with a variety of media modalities, including your own original musical compositions which gave your content a multi-sensory experience for all participants. You are a talented and gifted presenter with a rich and life-seasoned history to back up your clinical skill.

– Eugene J Beniek, LICSW, LMFT, Private Psychotherapy Practice, St. Cloud, MN 
“Through the development of her own musical gifts, Rebecca Aadland intuited what health researchers are finding: music is powerful beyond its ability to delight us—it can actually affect the way we perceive the world. Rebecca’s artistic journey through an intimate emotional landscape charts a course available to all of us—to navigate, via creative gifts, our own personal passage to understanding and growth.”

– Marian Deegan, Owner/Writer, Fortuni
“Rebecca’s music is written from the heart. Her music reflects passion, heartache, joy and most of all true honesty. She has inspired me and many others to live life to the fullest in the moment.”

– Debbie Zahn, Interior Designer