I Am Grateful: A Poem of Thanksgiving

by Rebecca Aadland

I am grateful.

For touch, warm kisses and tender moments

For the man I adore, who enjoys my quirks and thinks I’m pretty

For passionate conversations and finding new truths.

For all the brave, unique people who light up my world

For being loved… especially by him.


I am grateful.

For my children who challenge and teach me

For their wit and earnest quest for meaning

For their struggles that I cannot and should not fix

For their raw and bold insistence to blaze a path of their own

For my kids… especially my kids.


I am grateful.

For our home, the sanctuary that protects us from cold, bitter winds

For rooms that echo laughter, ideas, music and entertainment

For big windows, yummy paint colors, treasures and golden lamps

For safety, sleep, passion and beauty

For our home… especially there.


I am grateful.

For celebrations, holidays and family traditions

For gorgeous meals, bright vegetables, rich meat.

For cooking timers, linens and china

For noise, conversation… old people, awkward teens and toddlers.

For my dear friends and family… especially them.


I am grateful.

For difficult, meaningful work

For my office, my ingenious computer and magical phone

For clients and colleagues… and paychecks and bills.

For problems to solve, people to serve

For a venue for my talent… especially that.


I am grateful.

For our breathtaking world

For bumblebees, beasts and lilacs and owls

For mountain peaks, oceans and babbling brooks

For breezes and snowflakes and deep orange maple trees

For nature… especially nature.


I am grateful

For miracles and second chances.

For the loving force that never gives up on me

For muses, whispers and ancient truths

For Spirit’s guidance and revelations

For the sacred… Amen to that!