Embrace your dark side — Happy Halloween!

images-2When we acknowledge our own darkness, we paradoxically, become more loving. Notice what you envy. That thing can be key in striving toward a more fulfilling life. Notice who drives you crazy. Chances are, that person displays characteristics that you loathe or do not accept in yourself. Admit your need for attention and recognition. Maybe then, you will find work that feeds you. Be aware of your own selfishness. Seeking approval through giving compliments and doing good deeds may have little to do with being kind, and more about gaining favor and impressing people. Knowing this about ourselves is healthy and keeps us from feeling like a martyr. Recognizing the little “demon” in yourself is powerful when met with compassion. Striving for perfection will kill your spirit and cause you to expect perfection in others. When that happens, we behave like self-righteous “monsters”. So, today is Halloween. Remember that people who admit their shortcomings are far more lovable than those that think they’re perfect. Happy Halloween to my kindred messed-up spirits!
~~ Rebecca Aadland